If I were…

If I were a Painter, I would paint you and me sitting at the seashore, looking at the sunset and the sea so vast, like the love we share.

If I were a Musician, I would compose all those notes, the melodies of which can sing of our eternal togetherness.

If I were a Dancer, I would choreograph our performance on the stage of life in a way that we take every step together and move ahead, hand in hand.

If I were a Gardener, I would sow the seeds of your life along with the flowers of joy and throw away all the thorns.

If I were an Actor, I would play your part in the ideal life i desire for you and show you how flawless i want everything to be, with co-actors being the people you love and moments you wish to see.

If I were a sportsman, I would make sure that I win every match for you in the series of your life and keep you miles away from any defeat.

If I were a Pilot, I would fly you to the Moon where there are only you and me, and the dreams we have nurtured together.

If I were an Architect, I would design your velvet home around the peaks of love, valleys of joy, ocean of luck and pastures of your wishes.

If  I were a Magician, I would make you close your eyes, so that when you open them, all your worries vanish and you only have reasons around to make you smile.

If I were a Poet, I would rhyme your smile, your life and your very presence in a way that every word becomes your source of glory, every line my expression of love and every full stop, a new beginning.