Forgiven sins

Autumn is the season of forgiveness
A tree sheds all of its leaves, becomes naked
Another one changes from green to yellow
No one complains.. they accept and welcome the raw!

When the rain falls, it dissolves the dust into nothingness
Killing its identity and turning it into wet soil
Yet no one complains.. they cherish the sweet smell of damp earth
Monsoon is the season of committing sins with pride
They don’t mourn the dead, they laud the killer!

Winter is harsh and cold
We burn wood to keep ourselves warm, an act of survival
We justify the damage by calling it necessary
One species has to sacrifice for the sake of another
Winter is the month of self-forgiveness!
Are you still guilty?


Lukka Chuppi


Raat ke sannate mein akeli

Dhuen mein dhoondti kuch meri nazarein

Tasveeron ko sochti, idhar udhar niharti

Jaane kya paana tha unhe

Khuli khidki se aati hawa,un kagazon ko uda gayi

Likhe the jin mein mere kuch sapne

Kuch bachpan se panpe, kuch hamesha badalte

Damakti dhoop ki tarah aate, badalon ke peeche chup jate

Pattiyon ki sarsaraahat, thehre waqt ki wo aahat

Sote hue jaga ke chali gayi

Uthke ke dekha to wohi khamoshi, aur ek nayi subah

Guzri chandni ki thandak, aane wali raat ka ehsaas

Kshitij ki or udte, chehekte panchi

Le aayi ek nayi raat, naye sapnon ke naam.

Love Child of The Sun and Moon

They breathe in the same sky and attract the same wind,

Shine to the same world and indulge in a common sin.

Enlighten the audience and wish them a new start,

But play them for a fool when the lights are awfully dim.

They trade their glow for a fleeting lust,

Create an illusion of a proceeding end.

Vary in virtues yet can’t help yearning,

The nasty exchange of desires becomes a vicious trend.

Seeking new beginnings to grow n let grow,

Makes it vital for the feelings to flow.

They choose to conclude and start out to venture,

In a new set of commitment they can’t seem to enter.

Aware of the impossibility of their co-existence,

They defy all values attached to their togetherness.

Whenever the night fades and arrives a new morn..

A love child of the Sun and Moon is born.

The Maiden and the Monster

She is an epitome of purity and grace,

Enchanting is her beauty and the smile on her face.

Believes to be be protected only during a certain age,

But is unfamiliar to the masculine menace in every phase.

To satiate his lust, he throws an ugly dice,

With cruelty in his mind and dirt in those eyes,

Hands that reach to uncover her veil,

Insensitive to her cries and tormenting pain.

Insanity that is felt in his every blow,

Slaughters her existence like a poison that’s slow.

Her terrified mind and the suicidal heart,

Praying for an escape from an end so dark.

Struggling for self till the vigor permits,

Defeated…considers herself a social misfit.

For an evil pleasure the cannibalistic core,

Murders her innocence and stains her soul.

The Hellish Heaven

One lonely night, to kill the inner plight,

I went to a place called ‘Bar’ and sat in dim lights.

My first visit to the ‘De-hab’ left me amazed,

To search a familiar face, around the place I gazed.

The loners seemed lost, thoughtful and dull,

The ones with company had their sadness quotient null.

An attendant came and asked what I would like to drink,

I ordered a humble beer to avoid falling off the brink.

Waiting for my drink, I noticed a man sitting beside,

Who actually looked like ‘The God of Death’ in disguise.

Blood shot puffy eyes and a dark swollen face,

Trying to win the ‘Lets’ go to Hell’ race.

A female sitting in a corner was with someone resembling a lady,

It was doubtful considering the gestures displayed by her body.

The clothes, the expressions and movement of his/her hands,

Which looked strong physically but acted fragile like sand.

The waiter got my drink and smilingly put it on the table,

Which danced in glee and sang its own bitter fable.

Gulping down my nectar, out of nowhere, I heard someone shrieking,

Everyone around was disturbed to see a sight so freaking.

A man fell from his chair, creeping on the floor and folding hands,

Pointing at the ‘God of Death’ and crying, ‘Don’t take me to your hellish land’.

The ‘God of Death’ froze and looked around, pale and in fear,

The fallen man by now had started shedding tears.

My mug was empty and so were others’ martinis’,

The time was apt to fill them up abidingly.

The ‘God of Death’ went to the Prey and tried to help him sit,

The nearing distance landed the prey in more intense a fit.

He pleaded, blabbered, cried and collapsed in that fever,

The ‘God of Death’ was zapped as well as relieved after a shock so severe.

Some drunkards wanted to help the troubled and the troublesome,

But gave up to the confusion of whom to consider what… the pondering question.

In an attempt to ease the Prey, the ‘She-Man’ fell on him,

I then prayed for his life, which like the lights, was going dim.

The till-then numb ‘God of Death’ was somehow amused by the fall,

It wasn’t just him but a funny streak doing rounds in the entire hall.

The ‘God of Death’ giggled, the ‘She-Man’ with her wiggy tresses fiddled,

Silent heaven, drunken martyrs, playful poison and a tragedy in the middle.

Drunkards stole glances, flaunted their glasses,

Attendants were uncontrollably controlled while their master exchanged passes.

‘The ‘She-Man’ managed to stand up, the Prey also gained senses,

The ‘God of Death’ was nervous and didn’t want to make any offenses.

The Prey stood up, settled himself and sat on his chair,

Looked neither conscious, nor remembering the fit, set his hair.

The ‘She-Man’ shrugged and walked away towards the dark corner,

The two men co-incidentally stood up, walked, collided and gave a look more warmer.

The Prey looked at the God, who desperately looked left and right,

He patted on his shoulder, gave an apology and a smile so bright.

The ‘God of Death’ became a victim of intoxicated behavior,

While the Prey was free-spirited and the toxin continued to be others’ savior.

Autobiography of a Female Foetus

In an unknown form, I am the destination of a journey called love,
The day my seeds were sown, i was tender and delicate like a dove.
My Creator was my Preserver and the Nurturer, in human form,
An epitome of divinity, both caring and warm.
She thought and dreamt about me for so many days,
I extracted all my essentials from her in many ways.
I was proud to carry forward the extension of my family,
My Father’s prayers were being answered and thus he indulged in charity.
With the passage of few months, I started gaining shape and size,
My Mother became more cautious and I was frequently under the doctor’s ultrasonic eyes.
One day, out of curiosity, my Granny threw ‘The Question’,
My parents couldn’t help but ignore the apprehension.
The lady doctor was requested and also promised to be rewarded,
While she was checking my nervous Mother and my heart-beat was being recorded.
My parents were anxious and the doctor looked thoughtful,
She asked, ‘What if the result is unfavourable, will you be merciful?”
My parents fell short of words and it was Granny who started to blabber,
In whose arms I had visualised myself being adored and cradled.
The doctor was convinced there was no escape from the crime,
But considering the reward in return, she didn’t seem to mind.
The test took place and the verdict was out,
There was a scary silence in the room and Granny gave a frown.
My Mother was numb, gathering courage to face the truth,
My Father looked helpless in front of her mother’s ruth.
Both my parents exchanged a look of despair and pain,
Tears rolled down my Mother’s cheeks, but their influence in vain.
The couple embraced each other and tried to be strong.
They thought, “Bringing her to life and still doing injustice will also be wrong.”
My death sentence didn’t take me aback yet my eyes watered,
I was like a goat who knows she is going to be slaughtered.
My Granny interrupted and forced my guardian to my gallows,
Where, on the contrary, I could have been welcomed and hallowed.
The door was shut and outside stood my Father wondering in disgust,
“Is it really humane for two women and mothers, on the law of nature, to have such distrust?”
The prick of unconsciousness was more like a slow poison,
It wasn’t the needle’s pain but the loss that made my Mother’s eyes moisten.
My assassination was done, the doctor acted innocent like a nun,
Mother laid lifeless, and Father sat besides, holding her hand and looked stunned.
I was pushed to Death even before I could see Life,
The complices being a doctor, a man, his mother and his wife.
In hopes of ‘the real successor’, i was considered an obstruction,
Which led the same source of my Creation to be my very source of Destruction.

A Moment of Realization

Seeing the setting sun as i walk past the river,

Tall trees resting in front, in background, the reddish rays flicker.

Birds moving back to their nest, adding a shade to the sky,

It’s neither a canvas, nor a dream, but the soul beginning to fly.

I look around and wonder, what is it that makes me stay,

The soothing blue, the lush green, their intermingle and play.

The wind blows and the sky turns grey,

I close my eyes and hear a ripple say,

“In this moment is where your heart lies,

Neither the hustle-bustle of the town, nor the crowds’ cries.”

It’s this soil from where I come and where I’ll go, I remember,

So I hug the grass, and to the moment, I surrender.

To The Spirit of Rishikesh !

Lush green mountains and the Ganges so blue,
Saffron clad men n the colourful you.
Misty winters n pastal Spring,
Summers are hot but plenty of rains they bring.

Rafting and camping are so much fun,
Visiting temples can give you a run.
Tourists of all races ain’t no fool,
Shacks n cafes are a combi so cool.

Kawads in July, make you wanna cry,
But the traffic, the horns, are worth a try.
Yoga and meditation are here at their best,
From ‘The Beatles’ to ‘Rajnikant’, all have here taken rest.

Crowd during peak season can top the diversity test,
Beauty, peace, vibrance and sanctity,
Together sit pretty in this nest.

For splashing around the Ganges, you don’t need shoes and socks,
Lets cheer, dance and sing, ‘Rishikesh Rocks, Rishikesh Rocks !’