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One World

During the infancy of human existence, which was millions of years ago; there would not have been any boundaries. Areas would have diverged according to terrain and climate, but a lot of manmade classification would have been beyond one’s imagination. Early men must have been more animalistic in a very positive sense of the term. … Continue reading

The Last Journey

“It feels like a second life”. Thought me as I watched everyone around, wailing faces, sad faces, numb faces, faces that suggest a task has been completed and baby faces unable to understand what was happening around. But no face was looking back at me; instead, they were looking at my identical twin sleeping peacefully … Continue reading

The Maiden and the Monster

She is an epitome of purity and grace, Enchanting is her beauty and the smile on her face. Believes to be be protected only during a certain age, But is unfamiliar to the masculine menace in every phase. To satiate his lust, he throws an ugly dice, With cruelty in his mind and dirt in … Continue reading

Autobiography of a Female Foetus

In an unknown form, I am the destination of a journey called love, The day my seeds were sown, i was tender and delicate like a dove. My Creator was my Preserver and the Nurturer, in human form, An epitome of divinity, both caring and warm. She thought and dreamt about me for so many … Continue reading

If I were…

If I were a Painter, I would paint you and me sitting at the seashore, looking at the sunset and the sea so vast, like the love we share. If I were a Musician, I would compose all those notes, the melodies of which can sing of our eternal togetherness. If I were a Dancer, … Continue reading

To The Spirit of Rishikesh !

Lush green mountains and the Ganges so blue, Saffron clad men n the colourful you. Misty winters n pastal Spring, Summers are hot but plenty of rains they bring. Rafting and camping are so much fun, Visiting temples can give you a run. Tourists of all races ain’t no fool, Shacks n cafes are a … Continue reading