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How is a revolution conceived ?

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” – Martin Luther King Ever seen a child play? He goes by his whims and imaginations and never by the rules. That is how the human spirit ought to live; free to want, free to speak, free to dream, free … Continue reading

Love Child of The Sun and Moon

They breathe in the same sky, and attract the same wind, Shine to the same world, and indulge in a common sin. Enlighten the audience, and wish them a new start, But play them for a fool, when the lights are awfully dim. They trade their glow for a fleeting lust, Create an illusion of … Continue reading

A Rendezvous with Bliss

One evening, while I was sitting alone, sipping coffee and reading about terror-stricken Muslim countries, my mind wished for a break and heart for some peace. I looked outside the adjacent window, facing the street and the park across it. It had turned cloudy and the sky was colorful with shades of blue, gray and … Continue reading

Confessions of a Thoughtful Mind

In bed and not sleepy. Just thinking..about past, present and future. The important people that I have lost. The good and bad they did to me, the good and bad I did to them. Whether it was really how I think about it, or my judgments were wrong. The good times that hurt now, because … Continue reading

Random Thoughts

Silence often helps in finding the right answers. Love is like the air which can never cease. Some relationships are like the cool breeze which soothe your senses and some are like the dusty storms which pollute the very existence of air. Winning and loosing lose their relevance when it comes to spreading smiles across … Continue reading

A Moment of Realization

Seeing the setting sun as i walk past the river, Tall trees resting in front, in background, the reddish rays flicker. Birds moving back to their nest, adding a shade to the sky, It’s neither a canvas, nor a dream, but the soul beginning to fly. I look around and wonder, what is it that … Continue reading