Blind Choices..


Last night, I saw this image and the colour red got to me like a bullet piercing right into my heart.
The child you see was not crying for an ice-cream, an expensive toy, or over a sibling fight.

Developed powers are trying to win a race without looking at what’s happening behind.
Or maybe they are and this is what they want; victory must look like blood and tears to them,
Shining like stars in the night-sky, without having any more little fingers pointing towards them.

There are humans in some random global corners crying over pictures from Syria,
But mind you, it is not the over-exploited word ‘genocide’, the victims are not from a specific community like Rohingyas.

We may sometimes not like a neighbour because of who he is born as; as if it was his choice!
It is a legacy that comes easiest to a human, without doing anything to wear the badge of honour.

How good or bad a power is, depends on who talks about it, someone who has the time and medium to do so.
Because a suicidal farmer, a poor mother, a starving child or a Dalit rape victim don’t talk…
They suffer!

Humans fear, fear leads to religion, religion creates a divide, the divide is to rule and rules are policies.
The world has countries, countries have borders, borders need security, security means weapons, weapons is money and money is power.

We discuss politics not to find solutions but to prove ourselves right,
If only we knew the context in which the word ‘right’ should be used, and who should it be used for!

We are curious to see who takes pride in singing our national anthem at a cinema hall,
Without bothering if the pride being sung goes to trash with every empty bucket of popcorn.

As long as it’s done by the stronger, the whiter, the saffron, the celebrities.. crime is OK!
Cos humans, you see, think war is a solution. Solution to a problem that was purposely created.

We choose, we choose people at the top just like we choose to close our eyes
Eyes that can filter the news it wants to read and the colour it wants to see.

Why is the right power merging with the darkness failing our sight?

Is the proof of victory in silent suffering?