The years that were four…


In the anticipation of sharing our fears

We walked the darker roads

Claiming to be free from commitments

Didn’t realise we were pulling towards

Studying each other through black and white

We were stuck in the grey

Trying to separate the colours and understand

The inseparable spectrum of togetherness

While smothering the older flames

We screened each other in various games

Creating a mess so profound

Gathering broken glasses bit by bit

Unapologetic of the endless nights

Wakefulness to see the sunshine

‘What are the odds’ you asked

I said, ‘Of completing a circle together’

No corners and no pauses

The constant movement of our orbit

Trying to win our solo rides

Together we were lost in nothingness

Sleeping with the differences

Waking up to the habits that bound us

Striving to recognise the invisible shield

Reflecting us on the same side

We pushed and pulled the threads

Tying us to a distant dream

In search of which you and me

Shall move alone and together.


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