Of Dark Nights and Closed Windows..

“A gun is not an argument” – Ayn Rand


I kept walking in the rain
The clouds were getting drenched with me.
My white shoes had turned brown with wet mud that had tears of the sky.

As my skin was soaking the shiny drops of rain,
The sourness of the tears was mixing with my blood.
I covered miles and miles, my feet hurt.
But I kept running, running away from the only sound of thunder.

The rain was harsh, its sound heavy,
Everything else was just too silent.
As if they were scared to be heard,
Heard, with the sound of storm.

For it was against the rule of nature,
To scream in pain.
You could die wounded but not raise a voice,
It said, the kingdom of reasons.

The kingdom that had promised to listen to me,
Watched me through a glass window in the darkness of night.
I paused under a street lamp and looked towards their window,
It drew a curtain and sent its army to shut me down, forever.

(An ode to dead voices, written on a rainy night after the demise of #GauriLankesh )


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