They babble and convince, words and intentions minced,

You hear and believe, forget what they really think.

Red papers and pieces, the old hateful speeches,

The burning neighbourhood and those aching screeches.


He beats his chest and cries, with dirty pair of eyes,

The promises he makes, just fill an empty space.

Where innocent hands are sharing, little sets of poison,

Should we trip n die, or up rise to their treason.


In guise of growth that gang, cuts our delicate roots,

Tribe is falling bit by bit, under their crushing boots.

Lost is the audience, in the smoke of ignorance,

Few able to see, but none to make a difference.


Deny the ways of silence, for much has been disturbed,

It’s time to raise a voice, ensure it should be heard.

What eyes have seen, our minds have censored,

None else but you, can have it altered.


The clouds can come and go, sky is just a witness,

Wind has the power to push them far or make them rain.

Earth can endure, but only till some seasons,

Choose what you may, an end or end its reason.



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