Love Child of The Sun and Moon

They breathe in the same sky, and attract the same wind,

Shine to the same world, and indulge in a common sin.

Enlighten the audience, and wish them a new start,

But play them for a fool, when the lights are awfully dim.

They trade their glow for a fleeting lust,

Create an illusion of a proceeding end.

Vary in virtues, yet can’t help yearning,

The nasty exchange of desires becomes a vicious trend.

Seeking new beginnings, to grow n let grow,

Makes it vital for the feelings to flow.

They choose to conclude and start out to venture,

In a new set of commitment, they can’t seem to enter.

Aware of the impossibility of their co-existence,

They defy all values attached to their togetherness.

Whenever the night fades, and arrives a new morn..

A Love Child of the Sun and Moon is born.