The Maiden and the Monster

She is an epitome of purity and grace,

Enchanting is her beauty and the smile on her face.

Believes to be be protected only during a certain age,

But is unfamiliar to the masculine menace in every phase.

To satiate his lust, he throws an ugly dice,

With cruelty in his mind and dirt in those eyes,

Hands that reach to uncover her veil,

Insensitive to her cries and tormenting pain.

Insanity that is felt in his every blow,

Slaughters her existence like a poison that’s slow.

Her terrified mind and the suicidal heart,

Praying for an escape from an end so dark.

Struggling for self till the vigor permits,

Defeated…considers herself a social misfit.

For an evil pleasure the cannibalistic core,

Murders her innocence and stains her soul.