The Hellish Heaven

One lonely night, to kill the inner plight,

I went to a place called ‘Bar’ and sat in dim lights.

My first visit to the ‘De-hab’ left me amazed,

To search a familiar face, around the place I gazed.

The loners seemed lost, thoughtful and dull,

The ones with company had their sadness quotient null.

An attendant came and asked what I would like to drink,

I ordered a humble beer to avoid falling off the brink.

Waiting for my drink, I noticed a man sitting beside,

Who actually looked like ‘The God of Death’ in disguise.

Blood shot puffy eyes and a dark swollen face,

Trying to win the ‘Lets’ go to Hell’ race.

A female sitting in a corner was with someone resembling a lady,

It was doubtful considering the gestures displayed by her body.

The clothes, the expressions and movement of his/her hands,

Which looked strong physically but acted fragile like sand.

The waiter got my drink and smilingly put it on the table,

Which danced in glee and sang its own bitter fable.

Gulping down my nectar, out of nowhere, I heard someone shrieking,

Everyone around was disturbed to see a sight so freaking.

A man fell from his chair, creeping on the floor and folding hands,

Pointing at the ‘God of Death’ and crying, ‘Don’t take me to your hellish land’.

The ‘God of Death’ froze and looked around, pale and in fear,

The fallen man by now had started shedding tears.

My mug was empty and so were others’ martinis’,

The time was apt to fill them up abidingly.

The ‘God of Death’ went to the Prey and tried to help him sit,

The nearing distance landed the prey in more intense a fit.

He pleaded, blabbered, cried and collapsed in that fever,

The ‘God of Death’ was zapped as well as relieved after a shock so severe.

Some drunkards wanted to help the troubled and the troublesome,

But gave up to the confusion of whom to consider what… the pondering question.

In an attempt to ease the Prey, the ‘She-Man’ fell on him,

I then prayed for his life, which like the lights, was going dim.

The till-then numb ‘God of Death’ was somehow amused by the fall,

It wasn’t just him but a funny streak doing rounds in the entire hall.

The ‘God of Death’ giggled, the ‘She-Man’ with her wiggy tresses fiddled,

Silent heaven, drunken martyrs, playful poison and a tragedy in the middle.

Drunkards stole glances, flaunted their glasses,

Attendants were uncontrollably controlled while their master exchanged passes.

‘The ‘She-Man’ managed to stand up, the Prey also gained senses,

The ‘God of Death’ was nervous and didn’t want to make any offenses.

The Prey stood up, settled himself and sat on his chair,

Looked neither conscious, nor remembering the fit, set his hair.

The ‘She-Man’ shrugged and walked away towards the dark corner,

The two men co-incidentally stood up, walked, collided and gave a look more warmer.

The Prey looked at the God, who desperately looked left and right,

He patted on his shoulder, gave an apology and a smile so bright.

The ‘God of Death’ became a victim of intoxicated behavior,

While the Prey was free-spirited and the toxin continued to be others’ savior.