To The Spirit of Rishikesh !

Lush green mountains and the Ganges so blue,
Saffron clad men n the colourful you.
Misty winters n pastal Spring,
Summers are hot but plenty of rains they bring.

Rafting and camping are so much fun,
Visiting temples can give you a run.
Tourists of all races ain’t no fool,
Shacks n cafes are a combi so cool.

Kawads in July, make you wanna cry,
But the traffic, the horns, are worth a try.
Yoga and meditation are here at their best,
From ‘The Beatles’ to ‘Rajnikant’, all have here taken rest.

Crowd during peak season can top the diversity test,
Beauty, peace, vibrance and sanctity,
Together sit pretty in this nest.

For splashing around the Ganges, you don’t need shoes and socks,
Lets cheer, dance and sing, ‘Rishikesh Rocks, Rishikesh Rocks !’


3 thoughts on “To The Spirit of Rishikesh !

  1. Truely Said Swati.. Rishikesh is indeed heaven on earth..makes us realise wat a greatest artist our almighty is.. 🙂

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