A Moment of Realization

Seeing the setting sun as i walk past the river,

Tall trees resting in front, in background, the reddish rays flicker.

Birds moving back to their nest, adding a shade to the sky,

It’s neither a canvas, nor a dream, but the soul beginning to fly.

I look around and wonder, what is it that makes me stay,

The soothing blue, the lush green, their intermingle and play.

The wind blows and the sky turns grey,

I close my eyes and hear a ripple say,

“In this moment is where your heart lies,

Neither the hustle-bustle of the town, nor the crowds’ cries.”

It’s this soil from where I come and where I’ll go, I remember,

So I hug the grass, and to the moment, I surrender.


8 thoughts on “A Moment of Realization

  1. The Sun shines through each and every blade of grass’
    For he holds the “earth” in its grasp.
    It never recesses its “warmth” or “lie” about it’
    His nature is love and just to give.
    It never holds grudges’ or thoughts’ or knots’
    He feels immensely happy for his “Earth” always !
    And more so when a “Northern Star” looks after “Her”.
    So hug the grass’ And surrender to the moment’
    This is unity’ And submission is the door”
    Submit yourself and welcome the “Whole”,
    The Sun blesses you with all its warmth”
    Just embrace this presence with your “heart” and “soul.”

  2. In Gratitude’ be dear and humble Sun’
    For this Ray, fulfilled its filament to the core”
    It was this Ray who truly irradiated him’
    Without it’ it’s just little insipid bum!

    Sun and its Ray are always one’
    If not one or many”
    The sun is patient enough’
    For this birth or any!

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